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Everything we review here could, by the measure established by Iris Murdoch, be considered a small pleasure. Due to the density of the lit crit language, the this book is probably not for the general reader, although the dedicated Carter fan with a familiarity with literary criticism terms may wish to acquire a copy. It would also be wonderful to find this text being used in classes which focus on feminist approaches to film, radio, and other media. Works of fantasy offer a particular challenge for live theatre in that the fantastic often translates poorly to the limitations of the flesh and the material world, resulting in bad fur suits and the omission of many favorite passages.

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They originated in a story Issac Asimov wrote for a monthly mystery magazine, but, as the editor objected to the recurring fantasy elements, he soon found a home for an altered version of the concept at the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. Willie maintains that cacao from particular locations is like a fine wine, with its own flavor and character. Not surprisingly, given that approach, each of his chocolates is made from beans from a single estate. The characters develop from the first to the second film.

The relationships grow convincingly, and the action never lets up. There is sex, romance, and true love. There is action, and wit, and slapstick comedy. The sets are rich and faithful to the time, and the score by Lalo Schifrin underpins it all. Gary was moved by La misteriosa musica della Regina Loana , a tribute by two Italian jazz masters Gianluigi Trovesi and Gianni Coscia to their late friend, author and philosopher Umberto Eco. Stylistically, it can at times be both coarse and difficult. However, I consider Modest Mouse to be one of the most talented and original young groups currently making music, and the way in which they graft various roots-music styles into the stuttering alienation of post-punk gives me hope that their appeal is not as limited as the self-referential indie rock scene.

Each is extraordinary. Rock Candy? This version of De Dannan seems to have gone defunct as their website has been shuttered. Heating with wood was cold, really cold in the winter, and miserably damp when it rained. Even I, who love all things outdoors in some pretty miserable weather, have curtailed all outdoor activities as much as possible.

Mind you, that much rain impacts everything. Gus, our Estate Gardener, protected what needed protecting and ruefully acknowledged that it meant that for many things the growing season was indeed at an end. It features rugged heroes — male and female — vivid combat scenes, exotic locales, and truly evil villains. Name a group you like and have followed over the years, and there is a fair chance that Mr.

Hutchings was there to start it, or at least influence the starting of it. He is in one way or another responsible for a very large number of the records in my collection, and yes, we are certainly talking three figures, here.

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Susan Calvin, the chief robopsychologist at U. Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc. They have a knack for creating items that make me do a double-take, and then put said things into my cart. Like these chips. Does Free Reed know how to throw a party? Until further notice this box is the anthology of the year! Every Single Star is yet another solid demonstration of how to turn the particulars of a life into songs with universal appeal.

It is an unusual live album due to the fact that more than half of the tracks are previously unreleased. In that respect, it should be treated as a new album, not as a greatest hits-collection performed live. As usual, there is a mixture of songs five and instrumental tracks seven ; and, as usual, it is played with all the expertise you would expect from these gentlemen.

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We are talking the creme de la creme here. Her practice of combining traditional works with non-traditional instrumentation gives each piece a very unearthly feel, while keeping their roots quite grounded in the fertile Celtic soil. Did you have a lovely Friday the 13th? Yes, lovely. No one here suffers from Friggatriskaidekaphobia, and neither should you. In fact, we relish the day. Why not? Frigg is a great goddess! We can have that at another time. So the next time you hear people freaking out about Friday the 13th, just smile.

And the last auction held there was generations ago, as that activity moved to Riverrun Farm, as it was more convenient for all the farmers. It is said by those there that it was an interesting event as Border smallpipes and fiddles sound superb there! So we cleaned out the space, fixed the slate roof and pointed up the stone exterior, and added a stage. And then it got interesting, as the Steward noticed it was a tall enough interior that we could have three levels of staging and seating.

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And so it has been ever since. Like legend and myth, magic fades when it is unused. Of course, everything has to removed from it and stored away, which takes time as well. Thinking about the coming colder weather got you down? Wait until a day when you feel blue, or when the world is blue around you, with stormy heavens and endless rain.

Make a cup of tea, settle yourself among soft pillows and fabrics, and then enter The Bell at Sealey Head. Savor it.

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There is a great deal to do with the spirit world, events that are only explainable in terms of magic of some sort, and there are visitations from supernatural beings. Lies of Descent is the first book in a new trilogy by Troy Carrol Bucher. It is also a volume that fails in many ways to connect with the reader. The start is promising, if cliche, of a young man in a hard life discovering he has a very special destiny, and a girl making a similar discovery. The group consists of fiddler Tomas Callister, guitarist and bouzouki player Adam Rhodes, both Manx natives and leading lights in the current revival of the music scene, and Welsh accordionist Jamie Smith who also has a Welsh band called Mabon.

I know what I will be playing in the car stereo the next time I get the opportunity to visit Rhossili Bay. There was a time when each new Patrick Street album defined the session content of every Irish-music-type person in North America. This is just a small sampling of their dragons and other fantastic creatures; they have several other dragons, a sea serpent, a pegasus, a unicorn. The fine sound tells me it was a soundboard recording.

A discography is the study and cataloging of published sound recordings, often by specified artists or within identified musical genres. The exact information varies depending on the manner of the discography, but one for a recording will often list such details as the names of the artists involved, the time and place of the recording, the titles of the pieces performed, release dates, chart positions, and sales figures. I started them off an easy project, that of Chasing Fireflies, the very local contradance band that plays here and in the region.

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We had all of the recordings in the Music Library so they could go there for the actual recordings. And all of the musos themselves were all here, so they could ask them questions if need be.

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I suggested that for the purposes of this project that constructing a history of the band would also be good. A very nice oral history of Chasing Fireflies was done, good enough that Iain was very impressed. We also tackled the delicate question of EPs from bands that fell apart after releasing a one-off EP such as one from Cuillin, a Cape Breton group, that was sent to us as a favour.

This series contains examples of:

I insisted upon a cataloging note that the band never actually toured and that this EP was the only recording they did. Same holds true, or perhaps even truer, for a Celtic band by the name of The Windbags who cut an EP but never even existed outside of that one-off in the studio. I made it much more complicated for the final project by choosing the Oysterband, a very long-running band.

I told them that I want a full discography including any promotional releases and bootlegs of significance. Oh, that was fun. Officially that was the only recording released to the public. Both are quite superb but the best recording is a bootleg catching them in full glory in Minneapolis during their American tour! That exercise led the Annies to learn how a bootleg is cataloged, a tricky task as ofttimes the releasing party takes no credit for their frequently splendid work.

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I think they learned a lot about both the difficulty of making a complete discography and the fun of discovering the hidden history of a long-running band. All in all, it was a entertaining week for them. To absent friends, lost loves, old gods, and the season of mists; and may each and every one of us always give the devil his due. So if you visit us on the Kinrowan Estate, someone will ask you to pitch in on some task or other that does need doing.