The Brink of Destruction

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On the Brink of Destruction Finale: World Revolution

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Music from the Holocaust

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You do not currently have access to this article. Masaharu Homma, who conquered the Philippines, and Gen. Premier, and other leading criminals. It was against this background that John Hersey's ''Hiroshima'' appeared. Riveted by the ghastly details, those of us who had hated the Japanese for almost five years finally realized that Mr. Hersey's six protagonists were fellow human beings. The years have not dimmed the luster or import of what Mr. Hersey wrote 40 years ago. In the Knopf edition, the reprint of the original is now followed by a lengthy postscript, a report on the aftermath of his six survivors.

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Hatsuyo Nakamura, a tailor's widow, struggled to keep herself and her children alive, though she was weak and destitute. She sewed, cleaned neighbors' houses, did laundry and washed dishes. But for every three days of work she had to take two days' rest. Finally, she fell seriously ill and was unable to work. Her fate was quite common among the hibakusha explosion-affected persons. There was little help from the Government, and when she recovered it was impossible to get a good job.

Finally, in , Mrs. Suffering from fever, diarrhea and utter exhaustion, his was a classic case history of ''A-bomb sickness. In , his energy flagged, and he developed liver dysfunction, high blood pressure, back and chest pains.

Apocalypse in Art: Iconic Architecture on The Brink of Destruction

On his hospital chart in was written ''a living corpse. Pain and hardship also dogged Toshiko Sasaki, a young clerk whose left leg was so badly broken - it hung askew below the knee - that she first thought it had been cut off.

Her fiance could not bring himself to marry her and the only person who gave her real help was Father Kleinsorge who walked miles to see her. Inspired by him, she taught herself to hobble without crutches. She became an attendant in a Catholic orphanage, endured three painful operations and at last could walk almost normally. Father Kleinsorge encouraged her to become a nun, and she became director of a home for 70 old people.

At a dinner celebrating her 25th anniversary as a nun, she said, ''It is as if I had been given a spare life when I survived the A-bomb. But I prefer not to look back. I shall keep moving forward. The two doctors who survived suffered no apparent effects of radiation overdose, but the autopsy of Dr.

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Masakazu Fujii 29 years later revealed that his ''brain had atrophied, his large intestine had become enlarged, and there was a cancer the size of a Ping-Pong ball in his liver. The sixth survivor, Kiyoshi Tanimoto, a Protestant minister, had no church, no money. In he went to the United States to raise money to rebuild his badly damaged church. On the sea voyage he vowed he would spend his life working for peace. He envisaged a center for the collective memory of hibakusha in Hiroshima, and toured America with a set speech - ''The Faith That Grew Out of the Ashes.

Cousins read a memorandum Mr. Tanimoto had written sketching his idea for a peace center in Hiroshima and offered to print it in his magazine. When Mr. They refused. Douglas MacArthur, the Supreme Commander of the occupying forces, had prohibited any publicity on the consequences of the atom bombings. In Mr. Cousins invited Mr. Tanimoto to return to the United States to raise money for the peace center. He visited cities and gave the opening prayer for an afternoon session of the Senate.

Back home, he became involved in a campaign to help keloid girls who had excessive amounts of scar tissue , which resulted, with the help of Mr.