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The story is mainly told through his eyes but occasionally jumps perspectives to another character.

One particularly rough night after horrible incident the boy finds himself in an extraordinary circumstance. With new powers, servants and armies at his disposal the boy becomes god like.

Samadhi Movie, 2017 - Part 1 - "Maya, the Illusion of the Self"

But he soon learns that with this new opportunity and power comes an exceptional amount of danger and trouble and sets off on a quest to slay his primordial father who is out to destroy him. Through out his journey he is plunged in to a world of magic and mystery. Along the way he encounters many hardships that hed never had thought possible to over come and discovers the true nature of the universe and all its secrets.

Even with his new god like self he is just faced with problems even a god can not solve alone.

Awakening the oocyte: controlling primordial follicle development.

But above all else, with his new powers the boy must determine is he force for good and order. Or force for evil and chaos. School Day Incident. Trouble At School.

L7: Awakening the oocyte: controlling primordial follicle development

Night To Remember. PART 2. Long Awaited Meeting. A Minor Inconvience.

Setting Things Straight. Trouble At The Castle.

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Meeting Of Truth. Meeting With Antirion. Meeting With Gargazelle. Date In The City. As a result, they will have a great difficulty removing these problems later within their spiritual path.

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It is sometimes almost impossible to do, therefore stopping the growth in spirit all together. An important step is to keep humble.

Awakening / Last Fight of the Primordial

Live within the heart. Realize there is more in the universe then what you know. The ego is important in growing it is a driving force, but also you must know when to let it go. Bliss and emptiness in our system, awakening as a whole, will only occur in the highest levels by consistency in the moment.

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In other words, instilling only the highest virtues within every breath and at every moment. As I always said to you, live your art. Do not be selectively virtuous here or there. This is when the positive child-like heart energy merges with the open and empty mind.

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You are able to see this in some of the Tibetan rainbow body thankas. I noticed that many people start off positive. Then they learn something powerful. This experience changes them either into a positive virtuous being who helps others through their presence or they become negative only wanting to be someone different. The grasp for power over nature and others.