Philip Selznick: Ideals in the World (Jurists: Profiles in Legal Theory)

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Published: 25th April In a series of vivid essays, this book discusses the judges, law books, and historical events that shaped the common law — from its origins in the twelfth century to its arrival in the new American colonies Published: 9th July Hegel's Laws, an accessible introduction to Hegel's ideas on the nature of law, examines whether state-centric domestic and international laws are binding upon autonomous individuals Published: 20th June A substantially revised second edition of the classic book that discusses the work of H.

Hart and analyzes his important contributions to analytical jurisprudence Published: 5th May Legal Realism Revisited presents a comparison between two schools of American Legal theory — American Legal Realism and Critical Legal Studies — and argues that Legal Realism still holds the most promise for understanding Published: 13th February Jeremy Bentham, the founder of utilitarianism, made a powerful impact on several major areas of thought and policy: ethics, jurisprudence, political and constitutional theory, and social and administrative reform.

Yet from the Published: 11th November Published: 9th May This biographical and intellectual study of a key figure in the history of Islamic Jurisprudence sets the legal problems in their social and historical context Sociological Theory. Bert N. Alison M. Democracy's Children. John McGowan. Between Borders.

Henry A. Classical Sociological Theory. George Ritzer. A Philosophy of Freedom. Lars Svendsen. Beyond Critique. Bradley A. Reconsidering C. Phillip Hansen. Radical Cosmopolitics. James Ingram. From a 'Necessary Evil' to the Art of Contingency. Suvi Soininen. Education Under Siege. Stanley Aronowitz. International Law Theories. Andrea Bianchi. Liberalism, Neoliberalism, Social Democracy.

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John Michael. Philosophical Foundations of Discrimination Law. Deborah Hellman. Contours of White Ethnicity. Yiorgos Anagnostou. Axel Kaehne. Radical Philosophy. Chad Kautzer. Bioequity — Property and the Human Body. Nils Hoppe. Economics for Lawyers. Richard A. Revolutionary Pedagogies. Peter Trifonas. Zhangrun Xu. The Cultural Contradictions of Anti-Capitalism. Daniel Fletcher. The Cambridge Companion to Hayek. Edward Feser.

The Normative Claim of Law. Dr Stefano Bertea. Cultural and Economic Reproduction in Education. Michael W. The Power of Feminist Theory. Amy Allen. Harvard Law Review. Sociology On Culture.

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