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The symptoms were reduced when t In patients with unexplained movement disorders the usage of SSRIs should be considered as a cause. Furthermore, treatment with SSRIs should be carefully assessed in patients with reduced liver function The symptoms were reduced when Treatment with dopamin agonists, particularly cabergoline, is the primary and preferred therapy for prolactinomas and symptomatic hyperprolactinaemia due to its effectiveness and tolerability.

However, an association has been demonstrated between fibrotic heart valve disease and high-dose dopamin Such observations have prompted a number of studies of valvular function in cabergoline-treated hyperprolactinaemia patients. These studies have failed to show an increased prevalence of clinically significant valvular Russisk Politik i Arktis efter Ukrainekrisen. Also recently, representatives of the Herero people went to Berlin to bring home skulls that Germans brought to Berlin after the genocide at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

The detentions and abuses of Kikuyu and the genocide of the Herero people are just two examples of offenses carried out by European nations during colonialism. Do these offenses have any reverberations today? Should we simply forget about the deeds that happened such a long time ago or do they raise any legal or moral questions? The concept of justice has two dimensions, distributional and rectificatory. Full Text Available Kunnskap om effekten av medisinsk behandling fremskaffes i kliniske studier. Dette stiller store krav til evalueringsprosedyrene.

Deretter omtales kvalitetskriterier som legges til grunn i vurderingen av data, og den metodologiske basis for meta-analyser. Usikkerhetsmomenter og potensielle fallgruver ved bruk av meta-analyser omtales.

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Meta-analysen har vesentlige fortrinn fremfor mindre formaliserte metoder for oppsummering av kunnskap om terapi ved sykdom. Samtlig data Langtidsbehandling med spinal cord-stimulation hos en patient med kronisk regionalt smertesyndrom type 1 og fantomsmerter efter amputation. The development of stump and phantom pain after limb amputation in patients with complex regional pain syndrome CRPS is very frequent. Stump pain is typically recurred CRPS and the possibilities for effective pharmacological pain relief are often limited. Spinal cord stimulation SCS has a well Pharmacological pain therapies as well as Guanethidine blockade were found to be ineffective.

Udgivelsesdato: Feb Kruralt kompartmentsyndrom efter kirurgi i stensnitleje. Lower limb compartment syndrome after prolonged surgery in the lithotomy position is a rare but devastating complication which is termed well leg compartment syndrome WLCS. The pathogenesis comprises increase in intracompartmental pressure and hypoperfusion, resulting in ischemia and necrosis. Every surgeon should know WLCS as early diagnosis and treatment is essential to avoid severe permanent disability. Udgivelsesdato: Apr Cerebral absces med Vibrio cholerae non efter badning i dansk havvand.

We treated the patient with meropenem and ciprofloxacin for six weeks followed by ciprofloxacin for four weeks, and she recovered with hemiparesis and speech impairment. Marine Vibrio species may produce intracranial infection in predisposed individuals, even in temperate climate zones Patienttilfredshed efter hofte- og knaealloplastik med kort vs. The goal of this study was to evaluate patient satisfaction with the hospital stay in relation to the length of stay for patients operated on with primary total hip- and knee-arthroplasty THA and TKA The prescript requiring application of silver nitrate eye drops 0.

The present study comprises a prospective investigation of the occurrence of microorganisms in specimens of eye secretion fro Long-distance athletes are at risk of serious fluid and electrolyte disturbances, such as hypernatraemia dehydration. Recently, cases of serious morbidity have been reported, due to acute exercise-associated hyponatraemia, which can advance to encephalopathy.

An arterial blood gas analysis ABG Our findings show that prehospital ABG can assist in differentiating the cause of collapse, and presumably, targeted treatment can be initiated already on scene This case-report describes an otherwise healthy younger woman with post partum onset of objective pulsatile tinnitus. Neuroradiological examination revealed a dural fistula that was later closed using endovascular coiling technique, after which the patient's tinnitus disappeared.

At 6-month follow This case report emphasises the importance of examining for objective tinnitus in patients complaining of tinnitus, as the causes of objective pulsatile tinnitus can frequently be treated successfully Multiple embolier efter DC-konvertering hos en patient forbehandlet med dabigatran. A year-old man, who had been treated with dabigatran for 66 days prior to electrical cardioversion, developed extensive intestinal, renal and cerebral thromboembolism five days after cardioversion. There is limited information available on the treatment of thromboembolism in patients being tre Patientaktivitet og indlaeggelsestid efter hoftealloplastik med balanceret smertebehandling og tidlig mobilisation.

The analgesic treatment was combined with intensive mobilization regime and altered postoperative care as regards early normalization of daily activities and reduced duration of hospitalization. The patients were found to be effectively Of consecutive patients with acute stroke or TIA had high blood It is concluded that reduction of high blood pressure in patients with stroke or TIA is attempted too often. As autoregulation is commonly impaired in acute stroke, reduction of systemic blood pressure may enhance ischaemic tissue damage.

Reduction of blood pressure in acute stroke should In 15 patients the stroke was so severe that treatment was not considered. None of the patients had symptoms or signs of hypertensive Due to the risk of intracranial haemorrhage, treatment regimens tend to be active. We present treatment data from 17 paediatric departments The use of NSAIDs for postoperative pain management following orthopaedic surgery or during conservative treatment of fractures is controversial. In a review of the literature, there was no clinical evidence to support categorical However, NSAID should be considered a potentiel risk factor of impaired bone healing and avoided in patients with a high risk of pseudoarthrosis.

Recommended daily doses should be respected and duration of treatment should be limited Irreversibel nyreinsufficiens under behandling med angiotensin I konverterende enzymhaemmer ved bilateral nyrearteriestenose.

A case of irreversible renal failure during treatment with enalapril in bilateral renal artery stenosis is described. In the use of converting enzyme inhibitors, caution and monitoring of renal function during treatment is advised Pulmonary embolism PE as the direct cause of cardiac arrest is well known but probably under-diagnosed.

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Treatment of menorrhagia with antifibrinolytics is a well documented treatment modality and it is considered safe although thromboembolic complications have been reported. We describe a case Forekomst og journalforing. The routine practice in the diagnosis and treatment of urinary incontinence was investigated by means of a questionnaire to which all 32 departments replied.

Miction charts were employed routinely in 17 departments and for selected patients in eight departments. Weighing of diapers was employed Mulig forbedret behandling af kolorektal cancer med sentinel lymph node-diagnostik. Possibly improved treatment of colorectal cancer by sentinel lymph node mapping Prognosis for colorectal cancer is dependent on radical surgical intervention. Chemotherapy in patients with advanced disease has improved the survival. A considerable proportion of the patients going through radical Adjuvant chemotherapy is reserved for patients with lymph node metastases, why undetected malignant lymph nodes will result in understaging and exclusion from the possible benefit of adjuvant chemotherapy.

With sentinel lymph node mapping it may be possible to detect Retrospective human studies have reported increased leakage rates after postoperative diclofenac and celecoxib treatment. We recommend that diclofenac and celecoxib be omitted from analgesic regimens after colorectal surgery involving an anastomosis This review summarizes the current evidence regarding the cardiovascular safety of NSAIDs and presents recommendations for their use This review discusses the mineral bone disorders in patients with chronic kidney disease.

We focus on the management of these conditions by administration of calcium, vitamin D ergocalciferol and cholecalciferol , vitamin D receptor activators calcitriol, alphacalcidiol , phosphate binders and In this meta-analysis, four of five placebo-controlled studies showed that antihypertensive treatment prevented stroke recurrence, most markedly in a study with a combination of an angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor and a diuretic. Studies with beta-blockers were not included.

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Two head Treatment of acute iliofemoral deep venous thrombosis DVT with catheter-directed thrombolysis CDT has been performed in Denmark since The purpose of CDT is to dissolve thrombus and to restore the venous lumen as fast as possible and thereby save venous valve function and prevent Danish studies have shown that treatment of acute iliofemoral DVT using CDT results in good patency, preserves venous valve function, reduces the frequency of PTS, and is associated with a higher quality of life Antihypertensive treatment should be started or intensified in such patients Anastomotic leakage is the most serious complication following colorectal resection.

Animal studies have found a correlation between treatment with NSAIDs and increased leakage rate, impaired anastomotic We report that haemostasis was obtained by the use of SEMS in two patients with bleeding oesophageal varices which failed conventional therapy vasoactive drugs, antibiotics, endoscopy, and Sengstaken balloon tamponade.

One patient subsequently died of sepsis; the other was treated with TIPS Certain groups of patients may benefit from adjuvant systemic treatment. However larger randomized trials are needed This review investigates existing literature concerning relevant The main factors that drive them to this are the aim, the hope, the belief, and knowledge how to cure diabetes. The existing studies mostly based on quantitative methods of patients with diabetes The organization of treatment and control of type 2 diabetic patients in Denmark has undergone a major development within the last decade.

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From being based on local hospital guidelines, treatment and control have moved towards a more organized collaboration between primary and secondary care based Quality indicators from primary and secondary care are collected routinely, and gradually an increasingly precise depiction is documented in the National Indicator Project Hvordan kan mindfulness-basert behandling hjelpe for pasienter med tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a common and severe disorder presenting big health issues for the many people affected. The fact that not all people are affected by their tinnitus, have been a puzzle for scientists. This has led to an expanded psychological view of tinnitus over time. Tinnitus as a functional disorder, is first of all a medical disorder, and treatment has been oriented from an audiological perspective. Studies and neurophysiology has shown tinnitus to be a transdiagnostic disorder, which mean th Faste vendinger med en bestemt betydning. Ordbogen giver oplysnnger om ca.

Kraftig eksplosion efter sammenblanding af salpetersyre og 2-propanol. Med Sun Reports.

The primary goal for Med Sun is to work collaboratively with the Advancing Pub Med? Pub Med remains the primary resource for biomedical literature, and as Pub Med makes the Medline data and Entrez Pub Med Programming utilities freely available, any developer can produce alternative tools to search the database.

The authors question if Pub Med still The paper aims to discuss these issues. Only tools that provided free access to the broad Pub Med content and designed specifically to enhance the search were included, reducing the set to 16 tools. The functionality of each tool within the scenario of a systematic search was compared across Konservatorer med ph. Borgernes funktionsniveau er Derudover viser resultaterne fra Sammensvorne designere med succes. Processeringsoptimering med Canons software. Virtuelt skrivebord med open office.

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SDUs erfaringer med projektet Port en virtuel platform med Open Office som kontorpakke til studerende Med -E-Tel. The Med -e-Tel conference program covered over presentations on topics such as homecare and health management, healthcare challenges, tele-education, eHealth in developing countries, telecardiology Pub Med.

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Citations may include links to The Med -e-Tel exhibition showcased products and technologies in the areas of medication compliance, home telehealth and vital sign monitoring, clinical software, electronic medical records Daily Med. This information includes FDA labels package inserts. This Web site provides health information Leg med vision. The EU system for emissions trading after year ; EU:s system foer handel med utslaeppsraetter efter The starting point for this report is that, after , the Scheme will be a key instrument in achieving cost-efficient emission reductions, not only within the EU but also globally, and regardless of whether, with effect from , the Scheme has become a part of an international climate regime, or is serving as a transition to some future new international climate regime.

The purpose of this report is to provide a proposal for how the Emissions Trading Scheme should be developed after The aim is to construct a system that helps to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases maintaining climate integrity , that assists measures being taken where they are cheapest cost efficiency , that is accepted by parties concerned and by the general public confidence inspiring , and which does not adversely affect the competitiveness of business or industry competition-neutral.

The Agencies recommend that Sweden should adopt the following standpoints concerning development of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme after Recommended changes to the system presuppose a harmonised implementation throughout the EU. Sweden should press for the Scheme to be linked with other trading schemes, subject to retention of climate integrity. Linking can strengthen global climate policy ties and influence countries not having internationally binding climate commitments towards participating in some climate policy agreement.