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I think people should do that and be patient. And I really liked that it was very, very, very, very, very nice for you guys to let me have it. And, um, I enjoyed reading it. Oct 10, Hillary Watson rated it it was amazing. I love these books! The first book uses only four letters and progresses from there. They are short enough that it's not difficult to hold my daughter's attention. The stories are silly and interesting to my daughter. A great way to teach your child to read!

Great book. My daughter felt so proud that she can read. I will buy all the books in the series. My daughter is so motivated to read. First thing in the morning, she asks if she can read. Thank yoh Bob and Amazon for making these available.

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May 25, Rachael Hubbard rated it really liked it. Apr 28, Jessica rated it really liked it Shelves: children-s-books. Very good books that are short and basic for those just learning to read. Nice tool My son was really interested in these books.

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He loved to follow the short little stories. I think they work really well. Funny, clever, excellent phonics skill building books! Apr 16, Erin H rated it really liked it Shelves: kids. Loved by my, then 4yo, as she discovered she could read a book. Pictures are simple, but child loves to learn the words more than look at the pictures.

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May 19, Marie rated it really liked it. Funny and engaging for beginning readers! Dec 22, Cam rated it it was amazing. I use these book with my 4 year old and they are great!!! Would def recommend for first time readers.

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  • Jun 27, Lisa rated it it was amazing. Very good. I heard about these books when my kids were learning how to read years ago. Feb 25, Oscar rated it it was ok. And it so, so, so, so hard for me again. I love the pictures. Well, I just love the fat cat and just everything that's fat.

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    The fat cat one. And I just love it story [of the cat]. So, I love even some parts is silly, too. And yeah. Sep 03, Pop Bop rated it it was amazing Shelves: reviewed. There have been so many different original and updated sets and levels that the Bob Books website FAQ has a chart that shows which books over the years replaced which books at the various reading levels.

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    I mention this because our kids just set the box on a table and snack on the books like little mental potato chips. As a treat, I got Set 4 for the kindergartener and Set 1 for his younger brother. They keep them at their homework desks. The kinderboy has real kindergarten homework; younger bro has pretend but very important homework.

    Having their own mini-library of Bob's has been very successful. In a while I'll get Set 5 and Set 2. These are very friendly books. They are illustrated with drawings that are just a bit fancier than stick figures. The drawings are jazzed up with splashes of watercolor here and there. They are not set in formal type.

    Rather, the words appear to have been hand printed. That presentation may seem a bit spare and childish, but the practical effect is that the books look very inviting rather than challenging or demanding. They are fun and silly and cheerful, and tell simple and understandable little stories. I'm not well versed in reading education theory, but these books do not seem to be based on any rigorous, inflexible or odd theory or approach. The books just progress from very simple words to more complex reading. Set 1, with 12 mini-books , introduces all of the alphabet letters, except "Q", which makes sense I guess , and consists entirely of two or three letter words that can be sounded out.

    By the time you get to Set 4, 8 mini-books , you have longer books, many four and five letter words, consonant blends, nd, sn, st , and some vowel combinations, ou, ee, oo. Set 5 is the big jump to long vowels, silent "e", sight words and the like. Then, it's off to read "War and Peace".

    So, I'm very happy with these books as a reading treat, and it was a bonus that the kids led me to these books instead of the other way around. Please note: I find this stuff interesting but I have no connection to the author or the publisher of these books, and bought them with my very own money. May 28, Becky rated it it was amazing Shelves: children-picture-books , favorites , children , fiction , read-in Great books for beginners! My daughter loves them and thrives on finishing up and "passing" one as she learns them and can read it well. I highly recommend this series to anyone with a child who wants to read.

    Shelves: kids , reviewed. With numerous early reader tools available today the Bob Books series truly starts at the beginning. Arriving in a sturdy, compact, brightly colored blue box are twelve books, perfect for little hands just learning the art of holding a book and turning pages independently. Each book is comprised of 12 pages, containing three letter words. Because young readers are easily distracted by glossy, high color images, utilizing simple, black and white drawings help children remain focused on the words With numerous early reader tools available today the Bob Books series truly starts at the beginning.

    Because young readers are easily distracted by glossy, high color images, utilizing simple, black and white drawings help children remain focused on the words first and the pictures second. The gradual addition of new sounds, improves and expands the vocabulary of very young readers. Thus instilling confidence and nuturing the natural desire to learn new things. Keeping in mind that it's never too soon to start fostering an education based environment. I recommend Bob Books to all parents, care givers and teachers The best way to encourage a new generation of readers is to start early!

    I will share Bob Books with my grandkids Happy Reading!

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    Hope that helps! If I remember right, the set is split, the first half of the books in one collection, the second half-life in the next collection.

    You can absolutely introduce the alphabet sounds and letter recognition at 20 months if you would like to. Be careful to keep it fun, and your learning times short though. Thank you! I have never seen anything like it! We have been going over sounds and she is good at that because of songs. Any suggestions? We have the book you recommended, but she just wants to point and say picture names, but really focus on letter. I have a month old.

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    He enjoys alphabet flash cards that I laminated. I say the sound and hand him the card. He usually says the sound back for me when we play this way. These cards do have pictures though. Take all the pieces out and give your child one at a time. I grabbed mine at Costco! They are the BEST price there—but Costco does not always have them, so you just have to keep your eye out for them. Being […]. Your email address will not be published.