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What is the value of c. In the relation:. The marks obtained by 10 children. Use this. What is the modal mark? Modal mark the most occurring. What is the median mark? Calculate the mean mark? What is the probability that a child. P a child chosen scored a 3. A trader received a commission of.

His commission was 35, Let the total sales be x. A map of a large town is drawn to. What is the.

Adjoa and Ama share Find one- hundredth of 1. What is the rule of this mapping? It is linear mapping, y. The circumference of a circular. Find the diameter of. Which of the following would you. Ruler B.

Middle School as a Critical Transition Period

A pair of compasses. A set square D. A protractor. Express the ratio of 64cm to 48cm. In the diagram below, P.

Math Activities for Middle School Enrichment: Critical Thinking at a Critical Age

What is the scale factor of this. Find the tangent of the angle.

Kojo paid , Find the marked. Let the marked price be x.

Insanely Hard High School Math Question - Online Math Olympiad Apple Tree Probability

In a secondary school class, Government or Economics or both. Use this information to answer. What is the total number of pupils. How many pupils study only. From the Venn diagram, 25 pupils.

Mathematics for Junior High Schools in West Africa

From the Venn diagram, 17 pupils. When a certain number is. From the diagram below, calculate. The bearing of point Y from point. Let the full length be. Which of the following best. Bisecting a line. Constructing the bisector of a. Constructing a perpendicular to. Constructing a perpendicular. Three school children share some. Jantuah gets 24 oranges, how many. Construct a triangle XYZ in which. A is the point of. Note: The mediator and the circle. Solve the equation. Note: addition is commutative,. The following table shows the. Number of votes. The height in centimetres of Working out the angles.

Fraction of votes Borquaye had. The mode height with highest. Note: we added the two middle height. Find the set of prime factors of In the diagram, set Q has Q n T has 10 members. Find the number of members of. Number Base Remainder. Find the least whole number which. Express o. An amount of money is shared. If Ama received 4, Find the simple interest on. The bar chart shows the distance of. Use it to answer. Which village is farthest from the. The farthest village is the highest. How much farther is village Q. Village Q is 10km from the market. Village R is 5km from the.

There are 20 beads in a box, some. Find the number of red beads in the.


P selecting a red bead. A bag contains 12 mangoes of. P picking a ripe mango. Find the value of p. It is a linear mapping whose. Find the value of y. In the diagram below, find the. The bearing of P from Q is A polygon has 10 sides. Which of.

8th Grade Math Curriculum Texas

Sum of interior angles of a regular. The diagram shows the conversion. Use it to answer questions 24 and. Find in kilometres, the equivalent. Express 4km in miles. From the graph, 4km is equivalent. The diagram below is a right. Use it to answer questions. Using the Pythagoras theorem. The diagram shows two points P. Find the length of the vector. Length of a vector is the same as. In the diagram below, square. The volume of a cube is 27cm.

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Find the area of its faces. Each face of a cube is a square.