InGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity

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Life is more like a quilt than a puzzle. Resources facilitate knowledge. Habitats are an external manifestation of our imagination. Cultures are the habits and attitudes of whole groups of people in which we participate. All elements of the Innovation Engine are inexorably linked.

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The outside of the Innovation Engine mirror the elements in the society of the internal, personal elements inside the Innovation Engine. Stay updated via RSS. Four core tenets of brainstorming: 1 deferring judgment, 2 generating lots of ideas, 3 encouraging unusual ideas, 4 combining ideas.

And it is hard to continue generating ideas once you think you have found a viable solution. Waiting rooms.

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Private Space e. With infrequent feedback, we tend to do what we know is safe and will work. Do you take time out for reflection and evaluation of team process? For many of us, however, this process is a mystery.

inGenius: A Crash Course on Creativity by Tina Seelig

Whether we are attempting to generate fresh ideas or struggling with problems with no solutions in sight, the innovative spark is out of reach. Describing the variables that work together to catalyze or inhibit our creative abilities, Seelig provides a set of tools we can each use right away to radically enhance our own ingenuity as well as that of our colleagues, teams, organizations, and communities. Seelig's groundbreaking work reveals that creativity is an endless renewable resource we can tap into at any time. It is as natural as breathing, and just as necessary for leading a successful and fulfilling life.

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Tina Seelig earned her Ph. In , Seelig was awarded the prestigious Gordon Prize from the National Academy of Engineering for her pioneering work in engineering education.

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