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While Ganesh tattoos can be unique, the typical Ganesh tattoo is rife with symbols you may want to consider. Ganesh has a big head and big ears to remind us to think big and listen to others, but he also has a small mouth to remind us to talk less. Ganesh has only one tusk which symbolizes keeping the good and not being afraid to get rid of the bad. In one hand, Ganesh holds a piece of rope that is to be used to pull you toward all your dreams and goals. The Hamsa tattoo culture is popular in Buddhism.

You can add the hamsa pattern to your Ganesh tattoo. Lord Ganesh read all the religious sculptures and Vedas. He helped Vyas in writing Mahabharat. You can add a Veda in the tattoo of Ganesh.

Okay, I will be honest. This Ganesh tattoo design seems to be inspired from any alien film.

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However, many of my clients liked it. A ganesh head tattoo will look way more meaningful and beautiful if you give expressive eyes to it like this.

Lord Ganesha tattoos and ideas

The south Indian culture of ancient India was known for its unique architectures. You can take inspiration for that art for your tattoo design. This ganesh outline tattoo is perfectly placed on the wrist of this young man. Lord Ganesh is often shown with a Lotus flower. The subtle addition of lotus flower design in your tattoo will make it look impressive. Here is cool combination of Hamsa and Lord Ganesh tattoo design. If you ask me, I would say that yellow, orange and golden color will suit the most to Ganesha tattoo.

Shoulder is a unique place to try ganesh tattoo.

17 Best Lord Ganesha Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

I liked this adorable Bal ganesha tattoo design. The trunk of Lord Ganesha can be decorated with tulsi leave design in the tattoo. This is an old school Lord ganesha tattoo which is inspired from the old paintings of Lord Ganesh. Personally I find it one of the most attractive tattoos of lord ganesha. Its placement is perfect and has a unique design.

Artists often suggest Lord Ganesha Thigh tattoo but keep in mind that it might hurt sentiments of people. Lord Ganesh and Flower tattoo is a good combination but I will suggest you to try small size flower tattoos.

50 schöne Ganesha Tattoo Designs und Ideen mit Sinn - Tattoo ideen

You can add garland of pearls on the neck of Lord ganesha and on its crown to make it attractive. I think the word om inked on the head of Lord Ganesh will suit the best but you can also go for the Trishul design. This is the perfect example of how a minimalist tattoo should be. This one is inspired from Yin Yang tattoos. This tattoo will look awesome in small size. The mix up of OM with ganesha is perfect here. A watercolor Ganesh tattoo can easily be your best tattoo choice as it gives so much freedom to the tattoo artist.

This is a mixup of the traditional tattoo along with pastel and watercolor tattoo art. Download APK Ganesha Tattoo Designs Update on: Requires Android: Android 4.

Ganesha Tattoo: Gender and Body Parts Division ( 75+ Ideas)

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