Economia selvagem: ritual e mercadoria entre os índios Xikrin - Mebêngôkre (Portuguese Edition)

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Journal title. Wilson 1 Cairn. View results as: View Normal Brief. Sort by relevance relevance date most recent date oldest. The Kayapo : out of the forest. She combines academic research with a wide variety of sources, including celebrated leaders Paulinho Payakan and Davi Kopenawa, to assess how each group has responded to outside incursions. Another new chapter focuses on the resurgence of Northeastern indigenous groups previously thought extinct. The magnitude and significance of indigenous movements has increased greatly, and a new generation of Brazilian indigenous leaders, proficient in Portuguese, is participating in the national political arena.

Choice Outstanding Academic Title This title is not available for guests. Log in to see the title and access the article. Ventura, Susana Ramos, author. Cayapo Indians -- Folklore. Cayapo Indians -- Biography. Rabben, Linda, , Rabben, Linda, Unnatural selection.

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Yanomamo Indians -- Social conditions. Yet their prospects for the future seem very different.

Anthropology in the museum reflections on the curatorship of the Xikrin Collection

Placing each group in its historical context, Linda Rabben examines the relationship of the Kayapo and Yanomami to Brazilian society and the wider world. Cayapo Indians -- Social life and customs. Cayapo Indians -- Ethnobotany. The Kayapo : out of the forest []. Granada Television, production company. Landmarks --tropical rain forests. Episode 2, People of the forest [].


BBC Worldwide Ltd. Episode 3, Destroying the forest []. Exhibiting cultures : the poetics and politics of museum display.

Viveiros de Castro: Antropologia e arte

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Madison: University of Wisconsin Press, Socio-Anthropologie , Paris, n.

The Canela in their Cerrado Homeland: Recent Histories of Gardening and Writing

The occult life of things : native Amazonian theories of materiality and personhood. Comparative Arawakan histories : rethinking language family and culture area in Amazonia. Urbana-Champaign: University of Illinois Press, Museums, artefacts and meanings.

  1. Wilderness Winter (Mountain Man Series Book 3).
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  4. The new museology. London: Reaktion Books, Local heritage in the changing tropics : innovative strategies for natural resource management and control.

    Notes from the Ethnoground , Mar. Access in: 20 June Kaya-Pop: the brave new world of indigenous music in Brazil. Anthropology News , Oslo, v. Notes from the Ethnoground , 31 Oct. Sacred flutes redux: cultural revival among the Baniwa of the upper Rio Negro.

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    3. The Late Greats: A gripping page turner you cant put down (Joe Geraghty Book2)?
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      Perspectival anthropology and the method of controlled equivocation. Campinas: Mercado de Letras, Cosmos, self and history in Baniwa religion : for those unborn. Austin: University of Texas Press, Guardians of the cosmos, Baniwa shamans and prophets: I. History of Religions , Chicago, v.

      Perimetral, — Terra Firme. CEP gshepard museu-goeldi. This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

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      “Opening to the Other”: Schooling among the Karipuna and Mebengokré‐Xikrin of Brazil

      Abstract Ethnomuseology seeks to put indigenous people in dialog with their own material culture heritage. Foto: Glenn H. Recebido: 17 de Novembro de ; Aceito: 31 de Julho de