Bei Anruf Pizzaboy (Pepper Sisters 2) (German Edition)

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As soon as we learn something new, we start to forget it. The so cold short term memory lasts for about 20 minutes. That is also when we should repeat the new words for the first time in order to transfer them gradually into the long time memory. In other words, we should repeat the words when the odds to forget them are the greatest: 1 day, 7 days and 21 days after learning.

There are some apps that remind you in intervals, like Memrise, however they cost some money. There is one old technique, that is pretty time consuming and cumbersome: you could buy or create your own word cards and organize them in 3 piles — the newest ones that should be repeated tomorrow, then the ones that you have already repeated once and that need to be repeated in one week and those that need to be repeated in 3 weeks. I must admit that this method never worked for me. This learning technique divides your learning time in intervals. You should learn for 25 minutes and the take a break for 5 minutes.

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Repeat that cycle 3 more times 4 intervals in total. After that you can take a break for up to 30 minutes. In the meantime make sure that nothing distracts your attention while you are learning. The learning intervals can be shorter or longer — you can determine them yourself. The first fatigue when learning a foreign language appears after 20 minutes. This is also how long the short time memory lasts. Thus, after 20 minutes you should take a break and repeat what you have learned.

I learned them instantly and never forgot them. Mind maps are an ideal solution for you to keep an order among many words or phrases Redemittel.

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GoConqr enables you to create your own mind maps online which is ideal because you can correct mistakes if you make them or even save and edit your mind maps later. All you have to do is to navigate to the above site and sign up you can do so via the Facebook button. Once you are in, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the mind maps icon.

This is a good method when you are learning simple words. The situation gets complicated when you start learning words with abstract meanings. As we all got used to, you can create flash cards for your new words. You could either buy sets of empty cards and write your new words with many examples on them or you could use some online applications or even create your own paper flash cards. The latter solution is much better because you can install the app in your phone and keep your words always with you.

That way you can repeat them while waiting in a traffic jam, at the post office or anywhere else. In addition, there is a Chrome add-on that is a must. If you are working long on your computer, you could install the Eachword add-on for Chrome. After you add your words to the list one by one , they will appear out of the blue on your screen in intervals that you determine by yourself which is very convenient.

They will help you in real time while you are reading new texts on the Internet. Just highlight the word in the text that you are reading and its meaning will show up. Those words will then be stored in a list that you can then work on and learn at a later point. To find out more about these add-ons, where to find them and how they work, click here. Also, there is another app that can be installed on your mobile phone and make words from your Quizlet list pop-up on your screen every time when you unlock the screen or start other apps Facebook, Viber etc.

Hortense Ullrich

It is called Semper and it is supported by Android. If you are using i-Phone, please check whether it is available in your country. With a bit of a luck, you will find a native speaker as a speaking partner. Also, try to use new words and not the old ones. Check out how your German can sound more like A2 than A1.


Memrise can also guide you through different levels of learning German and you can even create your own flash cards mems and embed them in the application. Goethe Institute has provided an app for learning and practising words at the A1 level. Used examples cost about 25 EUR. After you spend some time learning German and you reach the A2 level, you are not at the A1 level any more. As you become more confident you feel the urge to say some things differently as before.

This will, of course, happen only if you actively use the language by writing and speaking it.

You have every right to be unsatisfied with it because you invest time in learning which results you just cannot show. We spend a lot of time learning verbs with their obligatory prepositions. Take a look at the below list and be wiser! Both variations are correct.

This is very common dilemma because these words are being used in similar scenarios i. If you look closer at the above examples, you will be able to understand the basic difference between comparisons with ALS and WIE. Can you feel the difference? Do you want to learn German with me? They both express the past. However, we use them differently:. Antwort: Ich habe meine Tante Ema besucht. Danach habe ich mit meiner Mutter telefoniert.

Well, the trick is — if the object touches the surface of the table, the floor etc. The same applies to the word Team. Another issue comes up when we talk about youth. Jugendliche sollen mehr lernen. Is it Singular or Plural — that is a good question! Jeans is a feminine noun thus Singular!

There is a difference. Wann bist du geboren? If someone asks you Wann bist du geboren? Main Verb in Past Participle or Infinitive? How do they build Perfect? Although there is translation into their mother tongue, when prompted to choose between them in an exercise, people often do not know which one to use.

Ich muss lernen; der Reifen ist kaputt, ich muss einen neuen kaufen , to authorities Du musst die Rechnungen bis Ende des Monats zahlen or to your personal feeling Ich muss mehr Zeit mit meinen Kindern verbringen. An affirmative question can be answered with ja or nein: Hast du eine Schwester? This means that doch has the same value as nein , just in another context. On the other hand, if you want to agree with a negative question, then use nein instead of ja : hast du keine Schwester?

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If you want to express in German that you are about to do something, you can use either gleich or sofort. However, there is a difference between them: gleich means that you will do something after you finish something else which will last a couple of moments , while sofort means immediately. For example: if you are sitting at a table and doing something and someone asks you to come, you can tell: ich komme sofort right away or ich komme gleich after I finish something.

Wipfel or Gipfel? How can I remember that clocks are being put back in winter? These verbs can be easily confused. They all have to do with knowing something or somebody, however, there are some differences in the way they are used. ES or DAS?


Ich sage es dir, so geht das nicht mehr weiter. Das kann doch nicht wahr sein! These two verbs also sound similar but they mean something completely different. It could easily happen that you confuse these two verbs, especially if you are a beginner. Why is that so? Because both verbs imply that somebody holds something in their hands and it has something to do with you.